These are stories from the wilderness…

That’s probably the dopest way to explain it. I am traversing the hardest season of my life and I have committed to writing about the good and the bad. It’s mostly the good that is being born from the bad though. On Election Day 2020 I had a simple surgery on my left knee that went really wrong. I haven’t been able to walk without pain and/or crutches since. I developed a rare pain syndrome called CRPS that essentially keeps me in debilitating chronic pain.

You Sold yet?? lol

God has been SO good to me and shown me SO much through this season. These stories are narrations of my walk through the wilderness. These stories are me SHAREing first.

My mission is to teach people to SHARE their blessings and their bruises to connect to each other with love and empathy.

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I know I can create perspective and things to ponder, so that we can all grow. We gotta lean into our purpose and SHARE it with each other… and pay some damn bills at the same time!

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